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Tired of seeing Vault Boy everywhere you go?

Have you had it with the sausage fest on your screen?

Do you want a ladies touch, while retaining that charm?

Then meet Vault Girl!

Vault boys female counterpart/sidekick/genderbend/girlfriend!

Shes every bit as strong, smart, and chipper as Vault Boy, the only difference is their gender!

This mod replaces all the default Vault Boy icons with Vault Girl instead

Head on over to the Nexus for that ladies touch!

I always thought we were missing a Vault Girl


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How to kill a deathclaw by my lovely followers

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I use a lot of mines

Also the dart gun is very good against deathclaws, slows them right down

Eulid’s C-Finder..

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that is obviously the exact same screenshot i posted three months ago.


taking a screenshot is not much work but, seriously?  wouldn’t it have been much easier to just hit the reblog button? i find this pretty rude, especially since that blog follows me. there are really enough of those blogs in the fallout tag.

not nice papa-khan !

glad someone noticed it, ugh. STOP STEALING PICS FALLOUT FANDOM and remember to source your art, pretty please.

I have yet to steal or be stolen..

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No more “boy” in Fallout tag



Is anyone else slightly annoyed by the fallout boy posts in the fallout tag? I don’t have anything against fallout boy but I just want to find posts about my favorite videogame. I don’t want to see a band I really don’t care about. Opinions?


Also when people tag fallout for irrelevant video games..

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Only the truth.

Frozens ending was pretty much the only good thing.. And Olaf’s song.. Apart from that annoying, self justified and a wee bit boring..

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Fallout, pretty much.

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Factions of New Vegas (the great khans, the followers of the apocalypse, the white glove society, the powder gangers, the new vegas strip itself, the boomers, caesar’s legion, the brotherhood of steel and the new california republic)

BoS = salvation my ass.

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Does anyone have thoughts on online multiplayer for Fallout? For it? Against it? Meh about it?

Project v13 nuff said..

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Okay so..

I came across this blog that my other half showed me, and it was a blog full of ‘bad tattoos’ that have been created by people at home. It was full of criticism and was really just a really dickish blog.

First of all, yeah, if you don’t set yourself up properly, use shitty inks, shitty…

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Professionals started somewhere too..

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Hey I’m Grump!

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