i’m not even joking


the psychopathic, fire-loving, rapist sack of shit that’s implied to be a literal brahmin fucker is apparently smarter than Caesar

he’s smarter than Julie Farkas

he’s smarter than Mr. House

he’s smarter than Kimball

he’s smarter than Usanagi, the lady who surgically gives you robot body parts

he’s literally only one point less smart than Arcade

who the fuck was in charge of Cook-Cook’s SPECIAL

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The Craziest Fallout: New Vegas Easter Egg You’ll Ever See

Wow - can’t believe no one ever figured this out before. Can’t wait to try this for ourselves!


It’s been patched :/

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clock: 3am

me: image

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To the Divide they came… in the Divide, they rest.


Unusual .38 revolver carried by a security guard in Ecuador.

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Lovely set of Reigel engraved Colt SAA. Reigel

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Semi-random Arcadia & Pasadena Art Deco. 2 of the 3 are educational institutions. All three have classes.

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"The customer is always right"

the customer is not. 9/10 times the customer is wrong and the retail grunt will have to smile with a polite nod and agree with every thing the customer has to say about any shitty topic, or even if the job is done right and the customer thinks it’s wrong the employee will have to stand there and reluctantly accept they’ve made a mistake regardless to the fact they haven’t at all to keep one self centred, self opinionated cunt right, all while a big man/woman sits in a chair and makes a decision on wether the mistake the employee didn’t make is right or wrong just to please a customer. All retail is set through lies and gritted teeth, but for the most you can still complain behind in the staff room.

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Fallout game maps

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rt meme | favourite slow mo guys video | Paint on a Speaker

Dan, hit the funk.”

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This gun concealment furniture has secret compartments to store your guns and is perfect for Dwight Schrute or Dale Gribble Rusty Shackleford.


Super awesome!

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Lever Actions | Rifles

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AR-10 wood furniture.